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Opplev denne historien i form av en augmented reality adventkalender i Kristiansand eller Arendal.

Kom Syng med Oss

Her kan du høre og se skuespillerne fra Julegaven til Thomas synge julesanger på flere steder i byen. Du kan også selv hoppe inn i bildet og ta opptak av deg og vennene dine mens dere synger sammen med skuespillerne. Klikk på kamera, lek og test ut mulighetene!

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Commemorating the 80th Anniversary of the Bombing of Darwin this education and heritage project was produced in Australia with the assistance of Next Tier Studios and shares the story of service and sacrifice of both military and civilian personnel in the places that remember them.

Produced in just 7 days in conjunction with PictoryTale AS in Norway this international co production landed the world’s first Augmented Reality plane at Australian Aviation Centre telling the story of the historic flight of Amy Johnston who in just 21 days flew solo from Australia to Darwin in 1930.

Produced in 3.5 weeks in conjunction with PictoryTale AS in Norway this international co production features 3 bespoke Immersive Augmented Reality place-making projects connecting the Darwin Waterfront, with the Deck Chair Cinema and Anzac Oval.

This Augmented Reality Amusement Park served as an education tool to introduce people to the technology. Each park section encourages users to experiment by immersing themselves in the augmented reality world and making short films.

Volories is creating exciting experiences beyond reality in Trondheim, Norway. In collaboration with Telenor Group ASA and the municipality of Trondheim, this project follows a hologram of “King Olav the Holy” as he presents different sites around the Nidaros Cathedral.

Sponsored Tours


Dampbageriet – eller "Dampen" som vi kalles på folkemunne ble etablert i 1862 og er en av Kristiansands eldste bedrifter.  Kom og kose deg med kaffe og deilig bakverk i en bakeriet hvor karakterene fra Julegaven til Thomas kanskje kjøpt brød og kaffe.

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Pusterom Hudpleie: Fremtidens Hudpleie Eventyret startet i drømmen om en litt annerledes hudpleie, hvor god tid, velvære og lun atmosfære stod i fokus!

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