Tales Beyond Reality


Use Volories to watch and tell stories like never before with Augmented Reality. Discover exclusive AR content, and immerse yourself in the Metaverse!  

When the digital world meets reality, something magical happens. 

Ready to make your own virtual world and interesting stories in them? Use the Camera+ storytelling function to create new stories featuring unique AR objects. Inspired by Hollywood movies, our Moviepacks bring a new aesthetic to your indoor or outdoor space. Your story comes to life as you and your friends interact with AR characters and places. Be sure to share your creation on our feed along with other filmmakers!

Learn while you explore!  Volories offers location-specific experiences ready to be discovered. Like magic, you may find yourself walking into a digital play or concert. Experience ancient civilizations in your backyard or go on a treasure hunt in a city park.  Create fun memories and mixed reality videos. Become a Content Partner today!

Watch a new AR story every day! - Access interesting and engaging stories in AR from artists and other talents! Immerse yourself in their world, create exciting videos together with your favorite AR characters, and share them with your friends!


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Absolutely amazing, every park should have this


I love it because it’s free and it guides you around in the city


This is more exciting than a regular guided tour

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